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Crossing the Line

Dream: November 21st 2014

All the people and places in this dream are fictional: created by my mind, although I can see some resemblances to people I have known or seen in real life. For example, the young man in my dream was a combination of many close male friends I have had over the years.  Most were platonic, in other words: not intimate relationships in a physical sense.

In the dream I am in my mid 20s and still living with my parents. We are out of state visiting long time close friends. My parents have known this couple for a long time, and their son is a couple of years younger than I am. We have grown up together, almost like we are cousins. The family moved away a few years earlier, and so it is like a bit of a reunion for us to visit them.

Most of the dream is me spending time with the son. He is the compilation of the males I mentioned earlier. He is Lance, CJ, Matt, Jason, Bob, Jimmy, Hans, Billy, Joey. I’ll just call him Joey because that seems to fit. We hang out in his room playing board games or cards. listening to music, talking and laughing: just like we did when we were kids. It’s like the time apart never existed.

There are “staff” who run the house, but I never see my parents or the couple who own the house. It is huge home with many rooms, in fact, there is a bathroom between each bedroom.

Walking down the long hallway toward the sleeping quarters, I see on my left a solid wall. On my right are doorways to bedrooms. Every other door is a bathroom. At the end, the hallway makes an L shape to the left leading to a final bathroom and bedroom. My bedroom is the last room on the right before the hallway turns. Joey’s is the one before mine.  The final room after the hallway turns belongs to Grechen, the Nanny.

Joey is now in his early 20s, far too old for a nanny, but the parents keep her on to “keep an eye on him.”  She is in her late 60’s, very stern, with a sour expression on her face most of the time. Her greying blonde hair is pulled up in a loose bun. She is a compilation of my aunt Hilga and many other stereotyped stern German women I have seen in comedy movies. She even has the accent.

The other “staff” that shows up in the dream is Anna, a pleasant Asian woman in her 40s. She is the house manager who oversees everything and makes sure the house runs smoothly. She is a compilation of my dad’s hip surgeon Lisa, a woman I saw in a Hallmark movie, and two other ladies I deal with frequently, Beth and Lily, who work at the wig warehouses where I purchase the merchandise for my wig store.


Lisa Choi

During the first part of the dream, Gretchen and Anna keep opening the door to Joey’s room trying to catch us doing something we aren’t supposed to be doing. Mostly we are listening to music and playing board games or cards on his bed, just like we did when we were kids. We are reminiscing about the time we “got married” with a pop top pull tab ring.


An old school style pull tab. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beverage_can

It is now the evening before the end of the visit and I am in my room packing my stuff to leave. I am in a bit of a panic because I don’t remember if I booked three seats for the bus ride back home for both of my parents and myself.  I remember the price was great deal, but did I get only one ticket for me? Anna checks the computer. Not to worry. I got three seats.


Bolt Bus — Great deals and free wifi on the bus.

I am wearing silvery-gray spandex shorts under my black skirt. They somehow remind me of an airplane. I go back into Joey’s room and do something out of character for me. I turn my butt to him, bend over and lift my skirt and moon him with my shorts. I giggle and say, “Delta is ready when you are” referring to a Twitter post I had made (see previous blog post.)

Joey’s eyes widen. I can tell that this is the first time he has thought of me as a woman. I am comfortable flirting with him which is odd for me. It feels natural for some reason, even though our friendship has never been physically intimate. He grins, “We are married.”  He raises his eyebrow, “So…you ready to cross the line? There is no going back, you know.”  I nod, playfully returning the smile. He tells me we need to make this special and starts looking for something in his dresser drawer.

I have to go to the bathroom. His back is to me so I sneak out. I don’t want him to see me using the bathroom so instead of going into my bathroom, I turn the corner and go into Gretchen’s bathroom. I don’t turn the light on.  I leave the door open so I can see. I notice right away that there is no toilet paper. I look under the sink and grab a roll of something white wrapped in plastic. Oh, it’s cotton. It looks like one of those big rolls of cotton we use in the hair salon to keep perm solution from dripping off the rollers. It will have to do.

I pull out a long strand only to find it has tinsel intertwined in it.  It’s not a roll of cotton.  It’s Christmas tree garland and the tinsel is shedding all over Gretchen’s red bathroom rug! I kneel down to pick up the mess and suddenly light floods the room.  It is Gretchen, “Vat are you doink in my bathroom!” she is standing to my right in the doorway with her hand still on the light switch.


White garland at amazon.com

To add to the chaos, I hear feet shuffling around the corner to my left. “Where are you?” I hear Joey say, “I want to show you what I found for tonight.” Luckily Gretchen cannot see him from where she is standing but I can see a bit down the hallway He is shirtless, mostly just in his white briefs, but he is also wearing pieces of some bunny pajamas we wore when we were kids. Very few pieces. He has on the head piece tied under his chin, which is far too small, so it sits on the back of his head with big pink ears sticking up. He has on the slippers covering the tips of his toes. He looks like a whacked out Playboy bunny.

bunny pjs

Bunny PJs like we wore as kids

I want to laugh, but Gretchen is standing right there. So I widen my eyes and rolling them to the right with a slight shake to my head as if to say “No stop.  Don’t come around the corner. You-know-who is here.” He turns his tail “literally” as there is a bunny tail pinned to his briefs, and runs down the hall to his room shutting the door behind him.

Gretchen says, “Vat are you two doink?” and she barrels down the hallway after Joey. I race behind her. She throws opens Joey’s door. I hold my breath as I look past her into the room.  Joey is sitting on his bed in his normal Pajamas causally reading a book. No sign of the makeshift Playboy bunny outfit. Thanks goodness!

Gretchen looks around suspiciously,  “I know you two ver up to sumsing.  I vill be vatchink. No funny business.” and she wags her finger at us. I retreat to the bathroom, my bathroom this time.

I hear her go back into her room so I come out of the bathroom. Joey pokes his head out of his room. We giggle. Then he whispers in a more serious tone, “Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be this time. You’re leaving at noon tomorrow.”

I smile to lighten the mood as I head into my bedroom. “I can always sleep on the bus.” I leave my bedroom door slightly open.