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Capture The Castle Flag

Dream, September 27th, 2014, illustrated with various website photos and links:

The place is Los Angeles County, specifically the back yard where I grew up. There used to be bamboo and a playhouse when I was a kid, but that was torn down years ago. My dad still owns all the property in real life, but in this dream the land has been subdivided and the very back lot sold to a theater company.


My dad’s backyard

The dream begins with me walking to the back of the property with a couple of my friends, Karin and Cynthia. I point to a sidewalk, “And this is where I used to play in the bamboo. And there were some grapes here and a fence.” We follow a sidewalk that leads to a wooden building shaped like a castle.

The wooden building is painted golden yellow with purple pointy towers and is tall and narrow, probably five stories high.


Cake Center Castle Cake

There are a few doors and some rounded windows, and arches leading inside. On the outside I see several narrow staircases.

castle bed

A wooden castle bunk bed with stairs. From Dsgn8.com

I also notice some slides and ladders on the upper floors. On the tallest tower is a large yellow flag.

castle bed

Playhouse Castle Loft Bed by Matrix

The landscape is nicely manicured with small sculpted shrubs made to look like miniature trees.  A young woman and man in their late 20’s are discussing the bushes saying they look tacky and should be pulled out. I like the trees. They smell nice: like fresh cut grass.


How to Prune a Shrub to Look Like a Small Tree on http://homeguides.sfgate.com/

The woman is holding a clip board, so I assume they must work there. I ask if there is a charge to go in, and they tell me it is free. Awesome! So my friends and I split up and we each go in a different way.  I head up the stairs but quickly notice there is no door at the top.  It looks like a staircase leading nowhere.


Stairs that lead to nowhere Sir William MacGregor Building, The University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus, Australia

But as soon as I get to the top step, the whole staircase shifts, like an elevator, and moves up until it reaches a door higher up. How cool!  I yell to my friends, “Did you see that?”  They wave to me. I see Karin go through an arch and Cynthia go through a door. I wonder what we will find?

I open the door at the top of the stairs and enter a dark hallway.  At the end of the hall is a large funhouse mirror.  As I get closer I notice that my refection looks like me, only I am a cat!


Fun House Fat Cat canvas painting by Karen Zuk Rosenblatt

As Alice would said, “It gets curiouser and curiouser.”

I turn down the hall and enter a gray brick room where an old fashioned manicurist is sitting alone at a small table. “Would you like your nails done?” she asks. I hold out my hand to her, “I think my nails look okay.” And she takes my hand and starts to analyze it.  “You know,” she says, “maybe you could be a hand model.” I am flattered until she continues with, “They are looking for someone in the mid-century category. You’re in your 50s, right?” Eek. Yep, I guess my hands do look aged.

We are interrupted by two teenage girls entering the room excitedly talking to each other, “The eyelashes,” one is saying to the other, “You have to check out the room full of eyelashes!”  They pass through and go into another room.  I say to the manicurist, “There is a room full of eyelashes?”

wig room

Room full of  Fun Wigs

Evidently there are many rooms filled with different costume accessories. We are supposed to go through various rooms and the staff in each room adds something to our “look” so by the time we get to the end, we are dressed up in costume. The goal is to reach the top of the castle and claim the yellow flag.

face painting

Silly Lilly and Friends Silly Willy is face painting Karin at my birthday party.

Madge explains that if we don’t participate in one of the rooms, then we have to go back down and come up another way. Ah, that is why there are ladders and slides. It’s like a life size Shoots and Ladders game–in costume!


Shoots and Ladders game made into art at Infarrantly Creative

A woman flows into the room dressed in beautiful Hindu attire. Her round face is painted with golden makeup to match her ornate headdress. She reminds me of Durga, the Goddess with many arms. I wonder if this is her regular everyday wear or if it is one of the costumes.  Either way, she looks beautiful.


Durga, the Godess with many arms. Picture from an App on Google Play

I go through various rooms and people dress me up.  There are no mirrors along the way, so I cannot see what I am going to look like at the end. It is almost like being blindfolded. But at last I reach the top and I see other people in costumes, most of them children, reaching for the flag.  It is really high up and they are jumping to reach it.

yellow flag

Gill Athletics sells these flags

The game rules are that as long as someone removes the flag, everyone who is at the top wins. I hear my name and turn around to see costumed Karin and Cynthia running toward the group of us by the flag. I scoop one of the kids up by the waist, boost her up and she reaches out and removes the flag.  Everyone cheers!

Yay!  Another dreams comes to a close. Doesn’t it look like fun! I bet you have something you’d like to share with me about this dream.

1920s Wigs

Karin, Cynthia, and I at a murder mystery event. Fun Wigs.