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He Writes The Songs and He Writes The Songs

Dream October 2014:

It is late afternoon and I am at a coffee shop in a small town near Chicago.  I order a slice of some kind of sweet bread.  It looks like maybe poppy seed, or a mix of sorts.

Jen’s (& Mary’s!) Orange Glazed Poppy Seed Bread

Jen’s (& Mary’s!) Orange Glazed Poppy Seed Bread

At a table next to me, a man is sitting alone sipping coffee. I can only see him from the back.  He has light blondish/brown hair that hangs just over his collar. Since we are both sitting alone and are the only customers in the place, I go over to his table and say, “Is this seat taken?” He puts down his coffee and looks up. It is Barry Manilow.

It turns out he is touring and happens to be staying at a quaint motel near by. He didn’t want to stay in a big city. He wanted to get away and relax where he wouldn’t be hassled. We sit and talk awhile.

At some point in the conversation, I ask him if he is married. He says, “Well sort of.  I’ve got a man I am living with.” I figure he is either hinting to me that he is gay or he is just letting me know that he is not available.  Actually, the reason I am asking is I don’t want to cause a problem if he has a jealous wife and she sees another woman sitting at his table. I guess I don’t have to worry about that!

There is an old upright a piano in the corner and I encourage him to go play it. He does. The two workers join me as we stand around this old piano singing Barry Manilow songs with Barry Manilow!

The sun is low in the sky as we get ready to leave the coffee shop. We are both on foot. Neither of us has any place to be at the moment. I get some extra bread to go wrapped in plastic. He says his motel isn’t too far and he’d like to get back before dark. So we walk in that general direction and take in the sites along the way.

We pass though a playground.  The sun is starting to set and we spontaneously become like children and begin running though the playground with outstretched arms like we are pretending to fly. We start singing, “I am music and I write the songs…”


Up ahead I see an old one story motel that was probably built in the 1950s. He tells me that is where he is staying. That surprises me.  I thought he would stay at a ritzy place, maybe one of those fancy new high rises. I walk him to his door and thank him for the fun time.

As I turn to walk away, the front door of the motel room next to his opens and a slender pretty woman with shoulder length blonde hair greets us, “Hi Barry.” He introduces me to Suzette Snider.

He asks me if I know who Twisted Sister is. Of course I know who Twisted Sister is!

And he tells me that she is Dee Snider’s wife. Awesome! I tell her I am a huge fan of her husband. I tell her about my Twitter post, that I posted a photo of me dressed like her husband and that he retweeted it and favored it. I told her how I thought that was really cool of him.  She asks if I would like to meet him. Double awesome!


From Previous Post — Dee Lighted and Twitterpated

Barry tells me good-bye and I follow Suzette into her motel room. It is very cluttered and messy. The décor is what you would expect for a 1950s motel. We enter into a kitchen and straight ahead there is a closed door leading to a bedroom. To the left is a living room where I can hear the noise coming from a television. She says to be careful and not let the dogs out. Two little yappy dogs run in from the living room. I also notice a grey cat walking on a counter full of dirty dishes.


One of the dogs is jumping up trying to get my sweet bread.  Suzette says, “You need to hide that somewhere high up because the dog will for sure get it if he can reach it.” I look around for somewhere safe to put it, but the place is very cluttered. I find a spot on top of the old white rounded refrigerator.


She tells me Dee is in the bedroom changing clothes and I can wait in the living room since the TV is on in there. She leads the dogs out to the back patio. I go into the living room and see an old heavy console tube TV that is taking up half the room. The picture is almost clear, and at least it is in color. I move some newspapers off the brown lumpy couch and sit and watch the program. This is somewhat of a treat, watching TV, as I don’t have cable or dish hooked up at home.

It looks like a local channel. The show is about with Dee Snider. They are interviewing a stage hand who is saying that sometimes Dee is hard to work with because he wants everything done perfectly. But he also has a playful side. The guy explains that sometimes Dee will show up to a rehearsal wearing a Rasta hat with dreadlocks attached to it. It cuts to a scene showing Dee wearing the hat.

Rasta Hat

Rasta Hat at Baron Unlimited Wigs

About 10 minutes goes by and the show is now over.  I go back into the kitchen to get my sweet bread to nibble on while I wait. Suzette is knocking on the closed door I saw earlier, “Dee,” she is saying, “what is taking you so long?  You have a guest waiting. Come out and say hi.”


Dee Snider

The door suddenly opens and Dee makes a dramatic entrance with his arms out in a Broadway finish “Tah Dah!” His curly platinum hair is braided back in cornrows like Bo Derik in 10.


Bo Derek’s Hair in the movie 10.

He is wearing a red tailcoat, a zebra print vest, and a red shiny satin tie. His pants are black stonewashed jeans with large holes in them and red spandex tights are showing through the holes. He has on matching red boots.

I say, “You retweeted a photo of me dressed as you at a rockstar party. I’m Aunt Ducka on Twitter.”


He seems to remember me, “Hey, you’re Aunt Ducka. I saw your rocker wigs website and bought a wig from you. It has a black headband with blonde braids attached. You know that one?” I nod, feeling a bit star struck.  He continues, “I wore it to rehearsal and the guys liked it so much I did my hair this way. You have inspired me!” and he runs his hand along his Bo Derik braids. Holy crap. I inspired Dee Snider!

He asks if I like his outfit. His wife created it. I say, “It reminds me of something I have worn.” And I add half joking, “You know, if you ever want to get rid of any of your stage wardrobe, let me know…”

I tell him about an unusual attire choice I made once during the late 80’s. “I went to video tape a friend’s wedding and figured I needed to dress up. So I wore a white tail coat with my shredded spandex pants and animal print scarves.” We both laugh.

tailcoat in the 80s

Me waving at a camera on a tripod as I video tape a wedding reception in1989.


I say, “It was a wedding, so I wore a tail coat! I guess that was as conformed as I would let myself get.”

I mention the TV interview I just saw, “One of the guys said that you can be hard to work with.”

He says, “Well you know, if you are going to do something, you’ve got to do it well.”

What a fun dream.  I got to hang out with two great stage performers/vocalist/song writers in one episode. How cool was that!

Here is a 5 second video clip from that wedding I taped in 1989. I managed to catch a few seconds of myself as I passed by the other camera mounted on a tripod. Don’t blink or you’ll have to play it twice!