What my mind creates when I am asleep…or awake…

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Dee Lighted and Twitterpated

I once had a psychic tell me that my “dream world” and my “wake world” intertwine. I’m not exactly sure what that meant, but she elaborated that I live my “awake life” like most people live in their dreams. She said that I don’t see much difference. Well, that is often true. My brain doesn’t seem to stop creating, awake or asleep.


Sleep Cycle from How Stuff Works

Normally I post a dream, but this week I am showcasing what my mind creates when I am awake! This might give you a better idea of why I have these odd dreams.

So here is real life:

Last week on Twitter I noticed Dee Snider posting some tweets. If you don’t know who Dee Snider is, he is the lead singer of Twisted Sister.  You might also have seen him on a carpet cleaning commercial or on several TV and Radio shows over the years. Here is a photo with his wild glam rocker attire and parody-like makeup.

And no it’s not Christina Aguilera or Lady Gaga.

Dee is a writer, producer, actor, singer, and radio host. He once said that he always seems to make his hobbies into some kind of business (reminds me of me in that way.) He even made an album of Broadway Covers.


Dee Does Broadway from Metal Insider

He has always been one of my favorite celebrities. I used to sing one of his signature songs in a band I was in a few years ago.

I wanted to send him a photo of me dressed as him. And since he was posting on Twitter, there might be a good chance he’d see it. And guess what! He saw it AND favorite it AND retweeted it to his followers. How cool is that! 3649 views.

Dee Snider costume

Me dressed as Dee Snider. Get that wig at BaronUnlimted.com


After my heart calmed down, I read he was tweeting about his flight: that Delta changed to a smaller plane and 20 people couldn’t get on. He was frustrated by the whole ordeal and started a #deltasucks conversation.


Immediately, my brain went to an old Delta commercial and the jingle started playing in my head. How ironic, I thought. So I found an image, altered it to fit the song in my head, and tweeted it to @deesnider #deltasucks.


And guess what!  He retweeted and favored that too!  WHOO HOO!


So that was WAY cool!  And it wasn’t even one of my wacky dreams! (Although Dee did show up in a dream later in the week.  I’ll post that dream soon.)

 “We’re not gonna take it anymore…….”   See Official Video