What my mind creates when I am asleep…or awake…

I promise to have a new dream post next week, but since it is Halloween, I decided to share some of my costumes. Tis the season to be creative!

My costumes always have some significance for me. I never just throw something together, although with all the items I have collected over the years, I certainly could do that. I am the go to girl for your costume needs, that is for sure. Here are some photos and a bit about why I chose each one as a costume.

You remember my Dee Snider outfit from a previous post? Here is another photo with Ozzy. Dee is one of my heroes. When the theme was rock stars, he was the one who came to mind. See my previous post for more Dee-tails.


Me as Dee Snider. My friend Hans as Ozzy.

I often make a big mess while doing something creative. Then, I start to feel crowded by the mess, so I move into another clean room and begin some other project. Then that room, because of me, will get too messy, so off I go again into yet another room…. which will soon be strewn with my clutter. I am like the Mad Hatter.  Move down, clean cup!  But I am the one dirtying the cup!

punk mad hatter

Punk Rock Mad Hatter carrying a black teapot as a purse. I won the costume contest.

I need someone to follow behind me and straighten up so by the time I get back to room one, it is clean again.

Here I am as Mozart.  I won this costume contest as well.


Me as Mozart. Complete with “baby” grand piano.

I decided to be Mozart because I have a degree in music, play a little keyboard (actually that is truly a LITTLE keyboard) and my dad’s side is from Austria. And Mozart liked to wear wigs.

And here I am as Mary Poppins, bird head umbrella in hand.  I love attention to detail!

mary poppins

Me as Mary Poppins

I chose to dress as Mary Poppins because Julie Andrews is one of my favorites. I used to try and fly with my umbrella when I was a kid. Didn’t you? And here is me with “Burt” the chimney sweep.

mary poppins

Me as Mary Poppins and my friend Hans as Burt.

We sang all the karaoke songs from Mary Poppins.  Love that movie!

And here I am as a 1930’s Jazz singer.

jazz singer

Me as 1930’s Jazz singer.

Don’t you love the dress?  Fabulous Ebay find. Probably my favorite formal. And I found a matching hat somewhere else. How lucky was that! I chose to dress as a Jazz singer because…well…I always wanted to be a jazz singer!

And here I am as Natasha Fatale from Rocky & Bullwinkle. What awesome eyebrows!

natasha fatale

Me as Natasha Fatale.

I chose to be her because Natasha is Russian and I’m of Russian decent. And she was the smart one. Love her accent.  She sounds like my aunts on my dad’s side. Had a lot of fun with this costume! Check out the wanted poster put there just for me! I carry my gun in my cleavage.


Me as Natasha looking at a wanted “Boris and Natasha” poster.

And here I am as Felicity Shagwell From Austin Powers.


Me as Felicity Shagwell next to my hot pink and lime green car. hotpinkcar.com

I decided to be her because people think I look like her. Well maybe when I was in my 20s!  But I do see the resemblance. And I have a cool car. I added a few more flowers to it just for the occasion. Here I am with Austin Powers.


Me as Felicity and my friend Hans as Austin.

And this is my favorite wig creation:  a realistic mohawk. I cut and tinted this one.  You can’t find a realist mohawk off the shelf so I had to create one.


My punk rock self. A wig design I created.

No, I didn’t shave my head, and the nose ring and tattoo are fake too. How fun is that!

At this point you are probably wondering what I really look like!

I can create just about any style of wig, costume or realistic. No I don’t make the wigs, but I can alter a stock item to look the way you want it. This one above is human hair so I was able to tint it rainbow.  I can do miracles with synthetic wigs as well. Check out baronunlimited.com for awesome wigs.


Comments on: "Costumes Costumes Costumes!" (13)

  1. Great costumes, I can see why someone with such a creative mind would have vivid dreams. One of these days I’d like to own a complete 18th century composer getup.



  2. You definitely show a talent for creativity, but then I already knew that since I saw the video resume you created for Intro to Digital Media class. Your work shows your dedication and your passion for enjoying everything you do. Keep up the good work! ~cs5711


    • Hey! Glad you liked my video resume from the media class! It took me about 60 hours! I tend to go a bit overboard when I am doing something. Comes from having a father with Aspergers who needed everything to be perfect.


  3. great costumes! you definitely have a very creative mind and you definitely pulled off all these costumes! I also like that they are very well put together and unique, well at least for me because I do not think I have seen any of the costumes you posted. #cs5711


    • My friends tell me my face changes when I change costumes. Not sure how THAT could happen! I will probably post some more in the upcoming weeks since people seem to like them.


  4. Wow! you have a lot of talent and vision to come up with costumes like that. I was wanting to be Captain Obvious from the Hotel.com commercials this year but couldn’t for the shelf for it. I bet with your talent you could have made something great. Love all the pictures and you even have a car that went with your Austin Powers theme. Groovy man! #c5711 BTW I love Borris and Natasha from Ricky and Bullwinkle!


  5. O my God I adored your blog because I am a Mary Poppins freak of the week. Your costume was so cutie patutie. It was original and you really did look like Julie Andrews for a second I had to take a double look.

    As far as Ozzy and Dee Sneider who does not just love Twisted Sister it was one of my favs.. and Ozzy the grandfather of Heavy Metal he is a legend!!

    I would be interested to find out more about the wigs and the costumes.

    Really cool stuff

    # CS5711


    • I remember being a kid and thinking that the Mary Poppins movie was my life. My mother was out being social and my father was very much about saving every penny and things needing to be done in an orderly way. My eldest sister was no nonsense and her husband was silly and sort of looked like Burt. And I was bratty and just wanted to feed the birds.

      The costumes are just things out of my closet, so they are not really “costumes.” However,the wigs are part of my business and can be rented or purchased. http://www.baronunlimited.com You can contact me via the form on that website.


  6. […] a hit, I’m updating you with what I was this year for Halloween. If you haven’t seen the post I did on Halloween, make sure you check it […]


  7. Awesome now let go fly a kite up to the highest height lets go fly a kite and send it soaring up where the air is clear up to the atmosphere 🙂

    I will check our your shop for sure.. I was thinking a mermaid costume for next Halloween just need to loose this damn weight first… grr grrr.

    Its ok .. soon someday.

    Your childhood sounds cute and having a frugal pops is not a bad thing.. money management is a wise thing so save your tuppins.. girl…


    # cs5711

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Elena said:

    Tamis, all your costumes are just great! They also made so professional. What talented and creative individual you are! I love all your beautiful costumes, but Mary Poppins costume is the best one, it’s also my favorite character. What a great post! I really enjoy it! CS5711

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! A lot of people really liked the Mary Poppins, and I just threw that one together from stuff in my closet (except the umbrella.) Burt’s costume I had to do some creative work on, though. I couldn’t find a chimney broom and had to use a funky texture ceiling broom sprayed black.


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